Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Before adding this to my PC, I was sitting on two Koufax autos for quite a while.  I have said it before, and I will say it again.  Five Star has always been one of my favorite Topps releases.  When this Koufax auto turned up at auction I decided to go for it against my better judgment.  I hate to use the word “waste,” but let’s be honest; buying autographed baseball cards is a huge waste of money.  I just can’t get enough of them though.  I suppose this is no different than being addicted to drugs, but at least I’m not hurting my body or other people.  The only thing I’m really hurting is my wallet.  I won the ebay auction and I'm happy to have another Koufax in my Dodgers PC.  The pick is a bit blurry, but the card itself and the autograph are flawless.  I'm no professional grader, but this has 9.5 written all over it...


  1. Very nice...
    I have the 2013 version and would love this one but I want more and more Kershaw right now. Congrats on a future BGS 9.5
    = )

    1. I've seen your 2013 and I LOVE it! You are lucky to have that card in your collection.

    2. I know and couldnt believe I picked it up and turned it into a 9.5 by BGS. I sold my autograph ball of Sandy and found the card on eBay by a new seller and played the nickel and dime game with him. Scored big time. Someday Ill have one of these. Congrats again