Monday, October 10, 2016

Another Day, Another Seager...

Hoping for yet another homer in game 3 today, although this time maybe it can be a 3 run shot?! I was so bummed with the way game 2 turned out yesterday. Bases loaded three times and they couldn't muster any runs. Now they're facing a lefty today, so I'm hoping they can turn it around. We really need the bats to come up big today, especially with Maeda on the mound. Fingers crossed that they get it done! If they lose today, I don't think they stand a chance in the series.

On a side note, I'm heavily rooting for the Cubbies! I hope they destroy Bum and the rest of those pesky Giants. I am so over hearing about this even year BS. If the Dodgers don't advance, I at least want to see the Cubs go all the way. It really seems like it's their destiny.

Now on to the card of the day. I picked this up to go along with the red auto:

  photo unnamed 3_zpszoxnovkv.jpg