Friday, June 10, 2016

Topps Tier One Gallery and Kershaw card of the day

The new Tier One is a mixed bag, with some really nice autos, and some not-so nice autos.  In years past I collected every single auto parallel of Kershaw that I could get my hands on, and this year will likely be no different.  I got a decent jump start yesterday, when I purchased the bronze ink auto /25 via BIN.  I may have slightly overpaid by 10 or 20 bucks, but I've seen how some of the other players bronze ink autos turned out (not good), and I wasn't going to take any chances.  Here it is

 photo unnamed201_zpsouob2isl.jpg photo unnamed202_zpsj2lx3t7d.jpg photo unnamed203_zps2dpc9qyp.jpg photo 12unnamed_zps92dda44e.jpg photo unnamed_zpsa135f90d.jpg photo 3unnamed_zps4a99e27f.jpg photo 555555_zps0ecc51e3.jpg photo 44d90c89-d430-4878-b308-990be823a8dc_zpsf97f8d47.jpg photo 4unnamed_zps5135deeb.jpg photo 10456022_808914782475586_5715914375630422821_n_zpsc501d59e.jpg photo 2unnamed_zpsd800176c.jpg photo 5unnamed_zps33dfc037.jpg


  1. Just beautiful.
    I saw that 2016 Tier One come down and thought of you. I am not the biggest fan of non blue/red/black autos so I stay away from most bronze. Hope you get it in great condition. I actually kind of like this years design. Much better than the Museum brand

    1. Oh, I totally agree. Museum was just all around ugly this year. It looks like it could get a 9.5, but I'm not totally positive on this one.