Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Other Ebay Bucks Pickup...

and of course it's a Kershaw card.  I have been collecting the Topps Museum gold framed autos for about three years now, and the only one that continues to allude me is the ultra rare 2011, which has a print run of only 10.  It was released under the much maligned and now extinct Topps Marquee product.  If anyone out there reading this knows where I can get one, please let me know!

Now onto my latest pickup.  I had been waiting to purchase a 2106 gold frame, but all of the ones I saw on ebay had silver ink that was barely visible.  Then a few weeks ago, a perfect silver ink gold frame showed up on ebay, but it ended up selling for way too much money.  After that sale, I kind of figured I would pass on 2016 since the autos were so bad.  Of course I spoke too soon, because last week I saw a silver frame Kershaw with a pretty solid auto up for auction. I knew I had some more ebay bucks to spend, so I figured I might as well go for it.  I ended up winning it for a pretty decent price, and even though I prefer the gold frames /15, the silver frame /10 is better than nothing.  The pics really don't do these cards justice.  They look ten times better in person, and when I finally had this card in hand, I was ecstatic.   Here it is:
 photo Kershaw_zps2dijprcp.jpg


  1. Very nice. I had a feeling you might have picked this up. I didnt want to go after it due to the slight streaky but you are not as picky as me.
    I have only seen 1 Marquee auto and that sold on the bay back in May so good luck. I wanted it as well but way too much.
    On a side note, remember that Archives one we talked about with the baseball looking sides? Guy on IG DM'ed me and offered and we actually came to an agreement. Woo Hoo. Thought I wouldnt see it again as I feel in love with it the 1st time I ever saw it.

    1. Haha yeah. Honestly, I'll take slightly streaky over literally every single one I've seen (except the perfect one that sold for 360 lol) I could have purchased the Marquee a few years ago for $285, but I thought it was too much, and now the price has gone up another 100 bucks :-(
      I'm glad you were able to add the Archives auto. That's a really nice one for sure!