Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stadium Club 2016

I've said it once, and I will say it again, I have loved Topps Stadium Club since I was a kid.  The photos are unique, and they always look sharp.  Stadium Club is simplicity at its best and it's a throwback the 80's and early 90's Topps releases, which is a good thing IMO.  I spent a few days going back and forth with an a-holish (yes, I know it's not a word) seller on ebay for this one.  He wanted more than the card was worth, especially with a dinged corner, and he refused to bend on the price.  I told him, "Bye Felicia," and decided to just move along. Within a day of the failed negotiations, another seller ended up listing the same card, only this one had perfect corners. 

The timing couldn’t have been better, and after initially rejecting my offer, the seller came around and agreed to my more than fair offer.   This Kershaw goes together quite nicely with last years no-hitter version (the pic made the auto look streaky, but it's perfect):  

 photo KERSHY_zpstrezzcnj.jpg photo 8f819ebc-e00e-4fd9-841a-759cb1ae47ce_zpsyz24hp4y.jpeg


  1. I've yet to find any 2016 Stadium Club. The last time I checked Target all they had was Archives.

    Sweet Kershaw autos!

    1. Thanks Adam! Allen & Ginter is out now too. One of my favorites for sure.

  2. Nice get... looks a little like one I will show on Thursday.