Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm not a Prospector Buuuuut...

I'm not much of a prospector, mainly because 95% of the time, prospects don't become superstars.  That's just the sad truth unfortunately.  So when I see people dropping hundreds of dollars on graded Bowman Chrome autos based purely on hype and speculation, I tend to think to myself, "Wow, these guys are either crazy or crazy rich.  With that said, I still like to pick up a few cards of the Dodgers top prospects, as long as the price is right. 

Much like Corey Seager a few years ago, I was able to pick up Alex Verdugo cards in the off season for really good prices.  I'm really high on this guy, and I truley believe he will be a star one day.  I got to see him play in Rancho last year, and I came away super impressed.  He was a two-way player in H.S., but for now the Dodgers are keeping him away from the mound.  His bat is just too good to not give him a shot in the OF.  Of course, if he isn't able to keep up with the bat, he can always be converted back to a pitcher.  But for now, his speed, good glove and canon arm, along with a constantly improving bat make me think that he will truley be a star player one day.  Of course we all know, he has a 50/50 shot at this point, but I think he's going to be a special player.  Here are some of my Verdugo's:

 photo unnamed 11_zpsqjmmzzkx.jpg

 photo unnamed 7_zpsmtj8ft4m.jpg photo unnamed 6_zps6wqcrgeg.jpg

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