Friday, May 6, 2016

Kershaw Card of the Day:

The No-hitter pin autograph was a card I had been after for quite a while, but the prices were way too high for my liking.  I remember narrowly missing out on the first two auctions, which was not a big shocker, because as I've said before, anytime a new Topps release hits the market, the big ballers always show up and outbid me on all the new Kershaw cards.  Months and months had passed without any new auctions for this card, and I was starting to give up hope, until this finally popped up last week.  I was able to win the card well under my high bid, which really helps out the pocket book.  This photo really doesn't do it justice.  I would love to add the Koufax version of this card, but I highly doubt that will ever be possible.  Happy Friday everyone and GO DODGERS ay!

  photo index_zpscysldi8o.jpg


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It looks even better in person. You should try to snag the next one that's listed at auction. It might be a while, but they wait is worth it.

  2. Beautiful and I know this card as I was on it but backed out at last minute. Still wanting to add one and I know I will someday. Congrats

    1. You definitely will be able to one day. The price is dropping on it compared to when it first came out. Good thing you backed out, or I would have ended paying a lot more. There's one listed right now, but the sellers starting point is pretty high.

    2. Yeah I know of that one. I send him an offer and he didnt really budge from his spot PLUS there is CA tax so that is why I wont be getting that one.

    3. I can't stand when sellers are so rigid with their prices, especially when the card goes for much less than what they're looking for! Funny you mention CA sales tax, because I ended up having to pay it on this card.

    4. Agreed.
      The only time I will pay CA is IF I know the availabilty is running very low OR I get a great price prior to tax.