Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Is it 1988 All Over Again?

"Nobody thought we could beat the Mighty Mets.  Nobody thought we could beat the team that won 104 games, but we believed."  -Tommy Lasorda

I think it's only fitting that I share this card today, because the "Mighty Mets" are in town town this week.  The 1988 NLCS was a HUGE series for the Dodgers and all of the co-called experts said that the Dodgers had absolutely no change against a stacked Mets team.  Well, we all know how that one ended.  The "experts" then said there was no way the Dodgers could beat the A's, and well...

The baseball gods were looking down on Chavez Ravine in game 1 of the WS.  One of the most important homeruns in franchise history set the tone for the rest of that series.  Gibby was ready for that back door slider and he handled business as per usual.  This card means so much to me, because of the memories I have as a little girl seeing that homerun on tv.  I may not have completely understood the magnitude of what was happening, but what I do remember is becoming a diehard Dodger fan at that very moment.  The 2016  Dodgers do not have the same makeup as that '88 team, even though they have so much more talent than the '88 team.  This is why it's soooo infuriating watching them at times.  We need a Mickey Hatcher!  Kike is similar, but man, that intangible has been missing on the Dodgers for the last 30 years!
 photo 2222_zpsfefb48dc.jpg


  1. Great card of a great moment. Congrats

    1. Thanks, this is one of the top 5 in my collection. I wish Upper Deck still made baseball cards. Their design was superior to Topps IMO. Don't get me wrong, there are certain Topps releases that I love, but Upper Deck brought something different to the table.