Monday, April 18, 2016

E-bay Bucks for the Win...

One of the nice things about e-bay bucks is that it gives you a chance to pay a bit more for a card that you really want without feeling guilty.  The card below was one I missed out on initially, and I was a bit impatient since this card is /25.  I really love the look of this card, so I decided to submit a really high offer, and the seller went for it of course.  IMO this is one of the nicer Kershaw's that Gypsy Queen has released, and I'm super excited to have it in my collection!                                             

I also bought another Strata /50, because the patch looked so nice, and I wasn't pleased with the red patch I already received from Topps Redemptions. This was one of those "must haves" for me, and the price was right. Hope you guys enjoy the cards, and a very happy manic Monday to everyone out there...  


  1. Congrats on 2 beautiful cards. I think you might have out bid me on the GQ. What is the number? I had agreed to 175 with a seller but he ended up selling it to someone higher as I waiting for funds. Worked out for me anyways as I picked up the graded 9.5 version on Sunday. You might know the one and I did what you do, off ebay transaction.

    1. Thank you. I got outbid on the first one that was listed at auction on ebay, so when I saw the next one pop up at BIN/OBO, I had to make a play for it. It's 20/25, and unfortunately the upper left corner is dinged a bit, but I don't grade Gypsy Queen's so it's all good. I initially had an offer of $150, but I decided to bump it up, because of the competing offers. I got it at $190, and that's only because of the ebay bucks. I normally wouldn't go that high...So you're the one that got the graded version? I'm so happy it went to you! I know you love your graded cards, so this is an amazing addition to the PC! Wooo

    2. I think we were both on that 1st one. I looked this one up again and I did remember correctly. I offered 150 trying to score a deal and he came back to me with a 175 and I said let me get the funds in but you swooped in and got it. Ha Ha. Good for you. Glad it went to you. Yeah, that graded one was listed at 300 as you know and I contacted him and told him if he would move it at 200 in the future Id take it. He emailed me back within a day and said he would do 200 if I would do it invoiced via PP. No brainer for me. You and I both got what we wanted. Congrats to us both