Thursday, April 7, 2016

Topps Strata Redemptions

One of my biggest gripes as a collector is that authentic memorabilia pieces are usually just random pieces of a jersey etc,. cut from an official MLB uniform, but not necessarily worn by the specific player and likely not even worn in the actual game.  Topps has finally changed it up a bit with the new Strata release.  The MLB authentic sticker on the jersey is numbered, and if you go to the MLB authentication web site, you can enter the number and see who wore the jersey and what game it's from.  I hope Topps realizes this is exactly what collectors have been asking for, for YEARS!

I was lucky enough to get two relic cards of Kershaw's game worn jersey from the following game:

June 6, 2015 
Cardinals vs. Dodgers
Dodgers WON 2-0

Kershaw pitched 8 inning with 11 strikeouts and only gave up 1 hit!

These two cards actually mean a lot more to me now:

 photo c7645e3a-9bab-425a-9593-231be1ce063c_zpsvtluaucx.jpeg photo 8ca1f5dd-207f-44ba-a282-45cc9c0f52e8_zps03fvfald.jpegLoving the dirty patch!


  1. Nice...
    Just received mine as well.
    Beautiful cards

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