Friday, May 12, 2017

The Most Annoying Fans in the World!

Trying to watch last nights game against the Rockies was absolutely mind numbing.  Somehow two drunk apes were able to secure tickets right behind home plate (and right next to the mic), and they decided to heckle the Dodgers, especially Corey and Cody the entire freaking game.  I will admit, much of my anger was because the Dodgers were losing, but seriously, hearing these idiots say stupid things the entire game really started to piss me off.  At one point they stood up to reveal their lame Blue Jays uniforms, which is funny, because the Blue Jays suck!  Go back to Canada you idiots!
 photo 18359135_10154397700466360_5272021310176754532_o_zpsfybkpwkm.jpg

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