Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Posey Auto? What?!

I noticed a few 2017 Tier One "Duel Auto" redemptions on ebay, and one in particular caught my eye. A Kershaw/Posey auto, which was not a card I thought I would be into based on the fact that I vowed to never own a Giants card...I'm not even joking, I never thought I would own a card with a Giants player on it. I guess I was wrong, because I ended up with this beautiful autographed card of two future HOF players. I waited it out a few months, because I don't trust Topps and their track record of not producing redemption cards (I currently have seven pending Kershaw redemptions that I doubt will ever get made). However, once I saw that the card was live, I instantly new I wanted one for myself.  The card looks slick, and the autos are perfect.  I am now the proud owner of a card featuring the greatest pitcher of our generation, and Mr. Dodger Killer himself, Buster Posey:  
 photo unnamed 4_zpsgnee3phz.jpg

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